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Q4Profiles: Waarom lijkt de een je na een half woord te begrijpen en begrijpt de ander je nooit? Lees hier de tips over effectief communiceren.
01 Jun
Q4Profiles: Vraag je je soms af waarom mensen je niet begrijpen ondanks dat je het toch duidelijk uitlegt? Of lijkt het soms al… https://t.co/R6tKBQ76gq
24 May
Q4Profiles: @Tinustweep Mooi “rondje”😊
19 May

Who we are

Q4 Profiles products have been developed in close collaboration with specialists from complimentary fields of knowledge.

Q4 Profiles is the result of years of experience of expert Roy Ramdjanamsingh in coaching & training. The Q4 Profiles solutions are validated by the university of Manchester.

Roy RamdjanamsinghRoy Ramdjanamsingh

Is Founder, Director and Content Architect of Q4 Profiles. His own behavioural profile is similar to that of the Inspirer (Id). His employees and clients praise him for his tremendous passion for his profession and his ability to motivate and inspire others. On the rare occasions that he does not work, he likes long walks.



Its really interesting on how the Q4 profile brings out the personality in you. 
H.M. student