Hello Eline and Roy,

Wauw, this profile is so very true. She has been my secretary for the last three years and this makes me understand her more. This is yet a other example of the strength of this profile.I certainly want to discuss her profile and learn how to guide and work better with her to get the max productivity.Thank you very much.



Roy A.



Q4 Clue

The differences in DISC styles can be recognized in e-mails too. Even though not intended, an e-mail can be perceived differently by other styles. What to take into consideration?

The e-mails can be perceived as short, impersonal and too direct. The D is fast-paced and wants to be efficient.
> Use a salutation, show personal interest, give enough information and the opportunity for questions. Close with a friendly greeting.

The I wants to give a personal touch to e-mails. This can be perceived as irrelevant and can lead to extensive e-mails.
> Stick to the subject, do not use too many words and be restrained with punctuations, pictures, links and smileys/Emoji’s.

The S wants to be friendly and can get too personal too quickly. The S is also hesitant in asking (direct) questions.
> An e-mail can be businesslike and concise. Be specific, clear and not too careful.

The C wants to be as thorough as possible. E-mails easily contain too much information and too much details.
> Do not elaborate too much, extra information can be added in an attachment. Care for a personal note.

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