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As coach or consultant it is most probably obvious to you that insight into behaviour helps to develop talents and make better use of qualities. Q4 Profiles has been supporting people- oriented companies for years with her DISC theory based profiles, which are used as a basis and starting point for training and coaching programs. On top of the basic profile (Q4 Personal Style), we are now launching the Commercial Style profile.

The Q4 Personal Commercial Style profile gives insight into the specific qualities and focus points of one's own style in a commercial process and explains how the client's style can be recognised.

Q4 Clue

Q4 Clue

The differences in DISC styles can be recognized in e-mails too. Even though not intended, an e-mail can be perceived differently by other styles. What to take into consideration?

The e-mails can be perceived as short, impersonal and too direct. The D is fast-paced and wants to be efficient.
> Use a salutation, show personal interest, give enough information and the opportunity for questions. Close with a friendly greeting.

The I wants to give a personal touch to e-mails...

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